Bright Directions Plan Features

Features for a Brighter Future

It’s important to start investing in your loved one’s education. When you invest with Bright Directions, you can enjoy several benefits that will help make achieving your savings goals even easier.

Tax Advantages

Attractive tax advantages including Illinois income tax deduction1, tax deferral on any growth in the account and tax-free withdrawals for qualified college expenses.2

Investment Options

Work with your financial advisor to select from a wide variety of investment options, from 3 Age-Based Portfolios, 7 Target Portfolios, and more than 30 Individual Fund Portfolios.


You have the ability to name or change the beneficiary, select and change investments, direct withdrawals, and manage your account online.

Use Funds Anywhere

Funds can be used nationwide at most accredited colleges and universities as well as trade schools and graduate schools.

Easy To Manage

Setting up an account with your financial advisor is quick and easy. Once your account is set up, you can make changes online and contribute automatically.

Anyone Can Help You Save

With Bright Directions GiftED, friends and family can easily contribute to your account. It’s quick, easy, and great for any special occasion.

Take advantage of tax benefits.

Illinois taxpayers are offered attractive tax advantages for investing in Bright Directions, including up to an annual $20,000 state income tax deduction.1

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