Keep up with the rising college costs.

How much do you need to save?

The increasing importance of a college education is matched by increasing costs. A sizable sum will be needed to finance this long-term investment, but you can get a good start by saving early with Bright Directions.

The cost of college is rising.

In 2021-2022, the average published tuition and fee price for full-time in-state students at a public four-year institution is $10,740. 20 years ago, the average cost was $5,720.1

Line graph comparing the difference costs for college. More details in table below.
How college costs are rising.
Type of School 1991-1992 2001-2002 2011-2012 2021-2022
Private Non-Profit Four Year $19,360 $26,380 $33,320 $38,070
Public Four Year $4,160 $5,720 $9,890 $10,740
Public Two Year $2,310 $2,440 $3,550 $3,800

The value of education.

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, placing immense value on a college degree. Higher education provides an edge while opening up more career options and increasing earning potential. In fact, research has shown that a college education can add more than a million dollars in additional income over a lifetime.

This return does not represent any particular investment and does not reflect the impact of fees or expenses, if any.

This graphic is for illustrative purposes only. Actual returns will vary.2

The more you learn, the more you can earn.

Earn more by going to college
Education Level Earnings
Less Than a High School Diploma $642
High School Graduate $793
Some College or Associate Degree $914
Bachelor’s Degree $1,355
Advanced Degree $1,636

Median Weekly Earnings2
(of full-time workers)

Annual Returns, see following table for details

Investment Amounts Down the Road
Monthly Contributions 5 Years Invested 10 Years Invested 15 Years Invested 18 Years Invested
$50 5 Years Invested: $6,623 10 Years Invested:$11,914 15 Years Invested:$18,704 18 5 Years Invested:$23,670
$100 5 Years Invested: $10,037 10 Years Invested: $19,710 15 Years Invested: $32,125 18 5 Years Invested: $41,203
$250 5 Years Invested: $20,281 10 Years Invested: $43,100 15 Years Invested: $72,385 18 5 Years Invested: $93,802
$500 5 Years Invested: $37,353 10 Years Invested: $82,082 15 Years Invested: $139,486 18 5 Years Invested: $181,466

How Do I Know When to Get Started?

Kids grow up fast. Your future student will be ready to take on their college education before you know it. That means it’s crucial to start saving early. Don’t believe it? Here’s an example of how much you can potentially accumulate with Bright Directions based on an initial $2,500 investment and different monthly contribution amounts.3

Assumed annual return at 5%.

3This hypothetical example illustrates the accumulation potential with a $2,500 initial investment and a monthly contribution plan at a 5% projected average annual return. The above example is based on projections and does not reflect your actual investment in the Bright Directions Advisor-Guided 529 College Savings Program. If fees were included, the returns would be lower. Your actual results may be more or less.back

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